Our digital marketing service is an outstanding service for improving your brand. We have a specialised team for the branding itself.Every brand needs some sort of content creation. Whether it be your company logo, a post for Instagram, or an advertisement. Tell us what you need and we’ll get the content made for you. No more having to worry about having enough of the right content for your audience.

Digital marketing Brand Kit

We know how important it is that all your visuals are consistent with your brand’s identity. Your company’s brand kit gives the visual basis for all your brand’s content. From logos to menus and pamphlets, our design team has experience creating beautiful and engaging of graphics and visuals for various brands. We can design you logos, business cards, envelopes, press kits, menus and more. We’ll help make your brand more remember able to people .

plughub brandkit
plughub display content

Display Content

You wont ever have to worry about how your social media posts or advertisements looks with us. At Aurum we can can create display content that attracts buyers and users to your brand. We know your content can’t just look good but, needs the right information too. Aurum’s team can ensure any of your advertisements, newsletters, social media posts and more inform and attract users to you.

Why you should choose us?

The current market is so competitive. One has to be stay updated with the emerging technologies and tools to withstand in the market. This is applicable for any business. Here is where you need a dedicated team to do the job. With Plughub, you  will definitely achieve your goals and we firmly believe in improving the business, hence our team will provide you with suggestions. This peculiarity of us makes Plughub outstanding among other Digital Media Marketing Companies. We also do videography for the products you wish to promote.

Social Media Platforms we deal with..

These are the social media platforms we use to promote your business. You don’t have to worry about what to display. Just give us your ideas, and the expert team will do the analytical studies and get some statistics according to the current market values and demands.

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